Residential Glass Block in Girard, OH

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to make your home a stronger and more attractive place to live. Our selection of residential glass block in Girard, Ohio, includes a broad array of options for your basements and bathrooms. Glass block basement and bathroom windows offer these benefits:

Increased Security and Safety: Our glass block windows are prefabricated and mortared into your home's foundation, making it difficult and time-consuming to break in. Maximize your security.

Reduced Heating and Cooling Costs: With energy efficiency comparable to that of thermal pane windows, glass block windows will cut your costs.

Less Maintenance: There is no need to caulk or grout year after year.

Easy Operation and Opening: The hopper-style vinyl air vents are easy to open.

Increased Privacy: Ice residential glass block comes in various patterns that protect your family's privacy.

Improved Air Flow: Air vents, removable sash windows, and power vents can be used to make your home fresher (by reducing mold, etc.) and to improve your indoor air quality. Improving your indoor air quality will promote the health and well-being of your family.

Integrated Dryer Vents: We can integrate vinyl dryer vents into your new window with our glass block installation, saving you the trouble and expense of cutting through the foundation of your home.