About Us

Greg Spagnoletta knew from a relatively young age that he wanted to be in some facet of the construction industry. He knew he wanted to work hard for the betterment of people's homes, and he knew he wanted to be his own boss. As a student of the then Trumbull County Joint Vocational School, he received special permission to enroll in two programs: building trades and electrical. While he was still in school at the age of 16, he began working for a local waterproofing company.

He quickly was promoted through this company and began functioning as the foreman running his crew. He honed his leadership skills and learned about the intricacies of running a business and knew that there was a better way to treat people. Since he was functioning in the role of a manager, he asked his employer for a raise and was denied because of his inexperience and young age. Through this rejection, the concept that would lead to the founding of Tight Seal Glass Block emerged.

A Focus on Glass

Faced with the reality that he could not complete basement waterproofing by himself, Greg focused on one specific area that he could do alone: glass block. In 1993, after graduating from high school, Greg started his glass block business in Girard, Ohio, out of his parent's garage with his mom answering his business line and using the Sunbird that he bought while working his first job. The company quickly grew and necessitated the purchase of an actual work truck.

Connecting with Customers

Greg went from working out of his parent's garage to renting a one car garage, to building a two car garage at the location of his first home, to renting additional storage space, to ultimately buying his first piece of property in Girard, Ohio, on Trumbull Avenue. All this growth took place in the matter of five short years because Greg took pride in his work and treated people well. From his parent's garage and a metallic blue Sunbird, Greg Spagnoletta grew his company into the largest wholesale and retail dealer of glass block in Northeast Ohio with nearly one thousand windows in stock.

Since its inception, this has been a family-run business. Greg took his brother, Tony on as a partner and together they bought their existing location at 434 North State Street in Girard. Tony's wife Kim answered phones and ran the shop while his son Anthony began installing windows. In 2017, Tony and Kim retired to Mexico, and Greg Spagnoletta once again became the sole owner of Tight Seal Glass Block, continuing his tradition of quality work at a fair price. Our business has weathered the test of time. We have been building and installing glass block for more than 20 years, and we will continue to secure, brighten, and beautify homes for years to come.