Here are some helpful FAQ's that may help you when choosing Glass Block Windows.

Why choose glass block?

Glass Blocks are a versatile building material that can be used for windows, sidelights, stairwells, showers, bars, kitchen islands, interior, and exterior walls – the opportunities are endless. Glass blocks provide a unique design alternative with many practical advantages.

Why choose Tight Seal Glass Block?

We have been installing glass blocks for over twenty years, we are professional, and give you the best possible price to secure and beautify your home.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes. Just call our office and we will stop out to measure and give you a bid.

Does somebody need to be home in order for Tight Seal Glass Block to measure my window(s) for a price quote?

No. Many of our customers work during the day, and cannot be home between 8:00 and 4:30. We are able to accurately measure more than 95% of the jobs from the outside of the house. The measurements are brought back to the office, where we are able to put together a price quote. We will give you a call with the estimate and you can schedule your install.

Does somebody need to be home while the window(s) are being installed?

Yes. Although you may come and go while we are working on your home as we are all bonded and insured, someone must initially let us in and address any questions or concerns prior to start of the installation.

WHAT ARE Tight Seal's TERMS?

Tight Seal Terms

Do I need to put any money down?

No. We generally will do a job from start to finish before we expect to be paid anything. Our position is that since you trust us to do a good job for you and to respect your home, we trust you to pay us in full when we have finished the job.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Do you offer a payment plan?

No. But since we accept VISA/MasterCard and Discover, you generally have 30 days to pay those charges to the credit card company.

Approximately how long will be required to complete the job?

While every job is unique, we have found that, on average, it takes us approximately 30-45 minutes per window to install a basement job, 1 hour to install a bathroom window, and about 1 hour to install a garage window.

Is it necessary to put vents in my basement windows?

While it is not required to install any vents in basement windows, we strongly recommend that you order at least a couple of the windows with vents as a way to provide some cross ventilation should you ever have a need for outside air.

Can I get a dryer vent installed in my window?

Yes. The dryer vent takes the place of one glass block and can be put in the corner of your custom made window.

Do I need to leave one of the basement windows without glass block for egress and/or code compliance?

If your basement is used as a bedroom, some city and states require that there be a provision to escape in the event of a fire. If, however, your basement is not used as a bedroom, you may glass block all of the windows.

Can I get specifically designed "escape" window?

Yes. Tight Seal Glass Block can install an egress window to comply with all codes that would allow escape in an emergency, but still secure your home or business.

Do you use silicone or mortar and what is the difference?

Mortar is the traditional material used for assembling glass block and is still preferred for large commercial applications and for showers and partitions. For windows, however, silicone has quickly become the material of choice. Modern industrial grade silicones are inert, remain flexible and last practically forever. They also produce a stronger bond and insulate better.

Is a warranty included with your installation?

Yes. We stand behind our product with a 25 Year Limited Warranty included with any window.

Can I install the windows myself?

Yes. Tight Seal Glass Block can build windows for the do-it-yourselfer and has all the supplies necessary to install the window yourself.

Can I just stop in and pick up a window?

Yes. Tight Seal Glass Block has hundreds of standard size windows available for pick up on a daily basis.